Olympus CV-160 Endoscopy Video Processor

The Olympus CV-160 video processor displays images that are more detailed than previous models, featuring advanced video signal processing that allows it to enhance detail while suppressing noise. Compatible with EVIS Exera video bronchoscopes, allowing you to use the same system for both gastrointestinal endoscopy and bronchoscopy.

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  • Endoscopy Processor
  • Olympus CV-160 Video Processor
  • Endoscopy Processor
  • Endoscopy Processor
  • Olympus CV-160 Video Processor
  • Endoscopy Processor

Parameters Of CV-160 Endoscopy Video Processor

  • Brand: Olympus

  • Type: Endoscopy System

  • Model: CV-160

Description of CV-160 Endoscopy Video Processor:

All medical equipment, new and used, is thoroughly inspected by our engineers to ensure complete functionality

The Olympus 160 CV Video Processor is designed exclusively for the EVIS EXERATM 160 Series, the CV-160 features a leading-edge video signal processing technology configured to frequency components specifically suited for endoscopic images, allowing it to enhance details while simultaneously suppressing noise. The result is a more detailed image that makes it easier to spot minute tissue textures and subtle color variations on the mucous membrane.

  • Powerful structure enhancement circuitry uses frequencies specifically suited to endoscopic images to ensure more accurate observation.

  • Offers full height mode that uses the full vertical area of the monitor screen to display images larger, allowing for closer examination of the image area.

  • Ergonomically designed front panel is user-friendly and the newly designed keyboard provides for clear and simple operation.

  • Can be used with EVIS Exera video bronchoscopes as well, enabling you to use the same system for both gastrointestinal endoscopy and bronchoscopy.

  • Compatible with EVIS 100/130/140 Series scopes.

  • Scope ID function offers more efficient management and control, including automatic control of white balance and maintenance reminder.

CV-160 Endoscopy Video Processor Specifications


  • Height: 72 mm

  • Depth: 420 mm

  • Weight: 8 kg

Power Supply

  • Voltage: NTSC 100—120 V AC, PAL 220—240 V AC

  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz

  • Input current: NTSC 1.0 A , PAL 0.5 A

  • Fuse rating: 3.15 A , 250 V

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