The processor has a signal processing circuit that is provided with a digital signal processor. The digital processor generates a coarse video signal that is indirectly displayable on a video screen from image signals generated by a charge coupled device sensor .An auxiliary circuit has a correction circuit that generates another coarse video signal that is directly displayable on the video screen included for the following: (a) video endoscope (b) a camera for an endoscope.

Types of Endoscopy Processor

Recommendations for Endoscopic Maintenance and Care

  • Do not place the endoscope together with other instruments and avoid touching other parts with the insertion part.

  • Wait until the endoscope angle returns to the 0-degree state before pulling out.

  • Since the insertion part is long, please be careful when cleaning and storing it, and be sure to confirm that it is not stuck beforehand.

  • When sterilizing EVIS endoscopes with ethylene oxide, remove the waterproof cap; when sterilizing other endoscopes with ethylene oxide, put on the ETO cap.

  • Wait until the endoscope angle returns to the 0-degree state, then pull out from the trocar needle and trocar.

  • When adjusting the angle of the insertion part, the angle should not be smaller than the range indicated in the instruction manual.

  • Please keep the sheath as straight as possible during operation.

  • Hold the insert gently and handle it carefully when taking it out.

We Provide Professional Endoscope Mainframe Repair

We have experienced endoscope mainframe engineers to provide you with professional and cost-saving repair solutions. We can provide endoscope mainframe repair service for STORZ/STRYKER/WOLF/OLYMPUS/Smith & Nephew and other brands. We have accessories for different brands and models of endoscope systems, such as mainframe control panel housing, circuit boards, etc.

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