From a simple bending rubber angulation adjustment to a complex image bundle replacement, total scope is the perfect choice for the flexible endoscope repair service. Our capabilities extend across all makes and models, allowing us to provide the convenience of a "one-stop shop" for our clients. We repair flexible endoscopes on-site in our state-of-the-art service center. Our technicians are professionally trained and have years of experience executing both major and minor repairs on all types of flexible endoscopes.

  • Olympus Flexible Endoscope Repair
    Repair Service For OLYMPUS GIF-H290 Repair Service For OLYMPUS CF-H290I Repair Service For OLYMPUS GIF-H260 Repair Service For OLYMPUS CF-H260I Repair Service For OLYMPUS BF-Q290 Repair Service For OLYMPUS BF-260 Repair Service For OLYMPUS GIF-H170 Repair Service For OLYMPUS CF-H170I Repair Service For OLYMPUS BF-Q170 Repair Service For OLYMPUS URF-V Repair Service For OLYMPUS CHF-V Repair Service For OLYMPUS URF-P6 Repair Service For OLYMPUS CHF-P60 Repair Service For OLYMPUS BF-P60 Repair Service For OLYMPUS LF-TP
  • Fujinon Flexible Endoscope Repair
    Repair Service For Fuji EG-600WR Repair Service For Fuji EG-600ZW Repair Service For Fuji EC-600WM Repair Service For Fuji EC-600WI Repair Service For Fuji EG-590WR Repair Service For Fuji EG-590ZW Repair Service For Fuji EC-590ZW Repair Service For Fuji EC-590WM Repair Service For Fuji EC-450WI5 Repair Service For Fuji EG-450WR5 Repair Service For Fuji EB-450T Repair Service For Fuji EC-250WI5 Repair Service For Fuji EG-250WR5 Repair Service For Fuji EO-270F
  • Pentax Flexible Endoscope Repair
    Repair Service For Pentax EG-1870K Repair Service For Pentax EG-2470K Repair Service For Pentax EG-1872K Repair Service For Pentax EG-2770K Repair Service For Pentax EG-2970K Repair Service For Pentax EG-3470K Repair Service For Pentax EC-3470MK Repair Service For Pentax EC-3470FK Repair Service For Pentax EC-3470LK Repair Service For Pentax EC-3870FK Repair Service For Pentax EC-3870LK Repair Service For Pentax ED-3470TK Repair Service For Pentax ED-3670TK Repair Service For Pentax ED-3480TK Repair Service For Pentax EB-1570K Repair Service For Pentax EB-1970K Repair Service For Pentax FB-8V Repair Service For Pentax FB-10V Repair Service For Pentax VNL-1530T Repair Service For Pentax FNL-7RP3 Repair Service For Pentax FNL-10RP3
Common & Complex Flexible Endoscope Repairs

Common & Complex Flexible Endoscope Repair

We provide proven flexible endoscope repair service to ensure your flexible endoscopes are patient-ready. All repair services include:

  • CCD Replacement

  • Distal Tip Replacement

  • Lens Replacement

  • Light Beam Replacement

  • Insertion tube Replacement

  • Light Pipe Replacement

  • Coil Pipe Replacement

  • Water container Replacement

  • Angulation wire assemble Adjustment and Replacement

  • Bending Rubber Replacement

Repair Lab View of Flexible Endoscope

  • Test Area of Flexible Endoscope
    Test Area of Flexible Endoscope
  • Area Of Endoscopy Warehouse
    Area Of Endoscopy Warehouse
  • Maintenance of Flexible Endoscopy
    Maintenance of Flexible Endoscopy

FY MED has done a number of flexible endoscope repair and maintenance for our customers, and we are happy to show some cases to let viewers know about professionalism. Click here to see our Maintenance Case for Olympus GIF-H260 Electronic Gastroscope.

Maintenance Suggestions for Flexible Endoscope

Bed side cleaning and bed side leakage test

Bed side cleaning:  

Dip in with soft cloth first enzyme wash clean soft outside surface of the lens, enzyme wash pipe cavity, after several times, and then into the discharge air enzyme wash, and then use leak-checking and observe hand pump for several seconds, a pointer is stable, as is normal, can undertake decontamination, if under dry conditions, please clean within 3 hours after using, in order to avoid dirt, dry, affect the quality of decontamination.

Move the Flexible Endoscope to the decontamination room

Please separate the Flexible Endoscope from other equipment during transportation to avoid damage.  

  • Leakage detection in water

    Link the leak detector, close the pressure release button, squeeze the hand pump, hit the scale within the green range, and wait for several seconds, if the pointer becomes stable, the Endoscope is completely immersed in water, pay attention to the leak detector can not be immersed in water.  Turn the direction, observe for 30 seconds, confirm that there is no continuous bubble overflow, first take out the Flexible Endoscope from the birdbath, then press the pressure release button, release the air, and go to the leak detector, leak detector is finished.  Take care to dry the leak detector thoroughly.  


    Note: If the pointer continues to drop, the medical endoscope for sale may be seriously leaking or the leak detector may be damaged. Stop the leak detector immediately to avoid water entering the Endoscope and causing more serious damage.  

  • Rough wash

    Remove the parts, turn on the running water, clean the outer surface of the Flexible Endoscope with a soft cloth, and wash the inside of the tube cavity with a soft brush. Connect the running water, flush the inside of the tube cavity with an empty needle until it is cleaned, and drain the water in the clamp canal. If the water gun is used for washing, please note that the pressure is less than 0.2 mpa, and wipe the lens with a cotton swab.

  • Enzyme washing

    The Flexible Endoscope is put into the enzyme solution, and the extraction enzyme solution is injected into the lumen. The soaking time is determined according to the concentration of the enzyme solution, and the soaking time is not more than 1 hour.  Accessories, buttons and valves should be soaked in enzyme-containing detergent, and the ultrasonic cleaner should be turned on and shaken for 5-10 minutes.

  • Terminal cleaning

    Rinsing (final cleaning)  

    Turn on the deionized water, first clean the outer surface of the Flexible Endoscope with a soft cloth, and clean the inside of the tube cavity with deionized water until the inside of the tube cavity is cleaned, and the empty tube cavity after the cleaning is washed.  Wipe the lens with an anhydrous alcohol swab and hold the lens with one hand.

  • Drying

    Clean the water stains on the surface of the Flexible Endoscope with a soft cloth, and blow dry the water stains in the tube cavity of the Flexible Endoscope with an air gun, including each joint. Pay attention to the pressure of the air gun should not exceed 0.2 mpa. After blow dry, install the ETO cap for sterilization.

  • Sterilization

    A. Before sterilizing the Flexible Endoscope, please completely dry and close the ETO cap;  

    B. Flexible Endoscope can choose gas sterilization or low-temperature plasma sterilization. Please check the table for compatibility of low-temperature plasma equipment of Flexible Endoscope.  

    C. Flexible Endoscope cannot be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure.  

How to Maintain and Repair Flexible Endoscopes?

How to Maintain and Repair Flexible Endoscopes?
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