The endo camera is used together with the endoscope to build an image.

An endoscopy system for endo camera is an illuminated, usually fiber-optic flexible or rigid tubular instrument for visualizing the interior of a hollow organ or part of the body, whether human or animal, such as the bladder or esophagus. An endoscopy system is also used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes and has one or more channels to enable the passage of instruments (such as forceps or scissors).

There are different kinds of endoscopy systems; one of them is the video endoscope. This is a flexible medical endoscope for sale that uses a professional endoscope camera located at the distal end to transmit an image via an electronic cable through a video processor and onto a monitor. These video endoscopes are available in a large variety of lengths and diameters and can be used for most endoscope procedures.

O/R Endoscopy Camera For Sale

Endoscope Camera Size



Specifications: Focal length f=15-31mm(2x), PAL/NTSC

Endoscope Camera Application & Uses

Clinical applications of our medical endoscopy camera for sale are as follows.

1. Endoscopic camera for ear, nose and throat surgery and examination:

2. Endoscopic cameras for minimally invasive gynecological surgery.

(1) laparoscopy

(2) Hysteroscopy

3. Endoscopic camera for urological surgery and examination.

4. Endoscopic camera application for plastic surgery.

5. Endoscopic camera applied to orthopedics.

(1) arthroscopy

(2) intervertebral foraminoscopy

A medical endoscopy camera for sale can also be used for neurosurgery, general surgery, gastrointestinal tract disease examination, pancreatic, biliary tract disease examination, respiratory tract disease examination, etc.

Endoscope Camera Video

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