Light source and light output

The energy dissipated from the light source.

Light sources emit large amounts of light energy and heat energy.


  • The light guide connector and optical tube tip become extremely hot.

  • Light energy is concentrated on a fairly small area.

Risks associated with light sources

  • The patient's tissue has been thermally damaged (e.g., prolonged exposure in a small lumen)

  • Under strong light, or because the tip of the optical tube is placed too close to the tissue square

  • Burn the skin of the patient or operator.

  • Surgical equipment is burned or damaged due to overheating (e.g. surgical sheets, plastic items wait).

Safety Precautions

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to strong light.

  • Use the lowest level of illumination required to illuminate the target area.

  • Never place the tip of the optical tube or light guide connector on the patient's skin, flammable

  • items or heat-sensitive materials.

  • Do not touch the tip of the optical tube or the light guide connector.

  • The light source should be turned off when removing the optical tube from the light guide cable.

  • Cool the optical tube and light guide cable after use.

light source andlight output

light source andlight output 1

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